How to buy from us?
Minimum Shipment is of 5 full boxes of different varieties depending on what you need, which means for example in case of only roses 300-400 stems per box, total 1500 – 2000 stems of roses of the length of 60-50cm each one, in case of carnations 800-1000 stems per box, or you can combine in your order different varieties of summer and tropical flowers, besides roses and carnations, we can also send you 1 or 2 mixed assorted boxes as samples with 50% discount on flowers before you start your business with us.
We guarantee good quality fresh flowers, if something happened and you receive damaged flowers, you can take digital pictures immediately, and send them to us to process a claim for the refund.
Normally we coordinate the shipment with the airline company up to the final destination.
We purchase and select flowers from the best growers, and quality control before departure for all the boxes.
How to place an order?
After your request we are sending you an updated price list.
You can place your order within 3-4 days before it leaves Quito, Ecuador.
Your flowers go pre-paid, so you get a pro-forma invoice from us before the shipment, to be able to proceed with a transfer to our bank account in Miami.

Sample shipment
You can ask for a sample shipment, which would go per collect and you would have to pay only  50% of flower cost. If you wish to buy from us or need more information, "click here".